7 chic products for the bathroom

Want to transform your bathroom into a zen haven? Here's our selection of products that will make any bathroom Instagrammable... and that will also make great gift ideas for all our beauty-loving friends!

- Oh My Cream Skincare Candle

Sweet and fresh notes of grapefruit and bergamot combined with the spicy and soapy notes of ginger ... turn off the lights and take care of yourself by candlelight, inspired by the scent of the Repulpante Oil!

- Oh My Cream SkincareCleansing Oil

Thick glass bottle and natural citrus fragrance... we've never been so eager to remove our makeup! Removing all traces of makeup in its path, our makeup remover oil is our basic daily expert that we can recommend to all skin types!

- Nourishing Shampoo Damask Rose Black Pepper and Sage Grown Alchemist

This universal and daily shampoo (and with a clean composition, please!), also holds the Golden Palm of practicality thanks to its generous pump format. A must-have that will be on the shower's edge for a long time!

- YUZU Organic Soap Tangent GC

Minimalist packaging with a crazy elegance, Tengant GC liquid soaps find their place in every bathroom. Our favorite? The one with Yuzu (a precious citrus fruit from Asia), which leaves a delicate, fresh, acidic scent in its wake.

- Handy Mixed Boar & Nylon Brush - Medium Mason Pearson

A favorite of all studio hairdressers, this iconic brush with its bright red tire has remained virtually unchanged since its creation in the 1920s. And for good reason:its boar bristles activate and distribute sebum perfectly to the lengths for shiny, soft and protected hair . A natural way to take care of your mane that will last for years!



- Oil Bath For The Senses Sensory Bath Oil Susanne Kaufmann

Just looking at this generous glass bottle makes us feel good ... And two little caps of this velvety oil, scented with patchouli and ylang-ylang, in the bath water is enough to relax your senses . To give as a gift or to keep for yourself because you deserve it ;-)

- Making Waves Lebon Mouthwash

Here is a mouthwash that will not be relegated to the back of the closet ... Its pretty blue bottle contains a completely natural mouthwash based on green tea and mint in particular, to sanitize and provide a fresh breath . Exit the conventional perfumes of raw mint sometimes too aggressive. Its natural fragrance has been worked to the point of obsession to offer a fresh and delicate flavor that lasts a long time.

7 chic products for the bathroom

Oh My Cream Skincare

La Bougie

18 €
#sku-3664529118416 #seo: huile démaquillante oh my cream naturelle

Oh My Cream Skincare

Huile Démaquillante

29 €

Tangent G.C.

YUZU Organic Soap

20 €
#seo: huile de bain susanne kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann

Oil Bath for the Senses Huile de Bain Sensorielle

61 €

For more gift ideas, take a look at our Christmas selection, you're bound to find something to impress the most beauty-addict! Need advice on how to find the perfect gift? We can help you: contact us via consultation@ohmycream.com!

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