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Juliette Levy's advice for feeling good about your body

Discover the 5 tips, techniques and treatments that help Juliette Levy, founder of Oh My Cream, feel good about her body.

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It's funny how the way we see our bodies can change over the years. Here I am, at 35, mother of two children and much more proud of my body than I was 10 years ago. Of course, it has changed and evolved, but I have learned to accept it. In fact, my relationship with my body is much healthier, I have developed a real desire to take care of it and to pamper it, to simply feel good! So, of course, the road to acceptance is long... And like everyone else, I made mistakes, testing too many things with "miracle" promises (hello diets of all kinds with no results), which finally allowed me to come to some beautiful conclusions. 

As a result, for me, the "Summer Body" is not a frantic race to get my body ready for summer, but rather a time to take stock of our habits to take care of ourselves. And when we know that many of our discussions at Oh My Cream are monopolized by this quest for well-being, I had to share with you my daily resolutions. These tips, techniques and care that accompany me throughout the year and help me feel good in my body.

#seo : Draining Elixir Atelier Nubio

1. The new nugget I've added to my beauty routine

Having always had a great difficulty to drink water regularly, and thus inevitably small problems ofheavy legs and water retention, I was delighted to see arriving on our shelves the new supplement We want... the Draining Elixir Atelier Nubio. This little drink, easy to integrate into your routine, coming from a brand that has a gift for unveiling highly effective products, was THE new product that I was particularly looking forward to for a light and toned figure.

2. The treatment I can't live without: lymphatic drainage

After the birth of my second child, I could see that I could not find my pre-pregnancy figure. So I turned to lymphatic drainage (at home with a specialist of the Renata France method, my dear Virginie from @bodyretreatbyvg). Twice a month, I give myself this little ritual that helps me reconnect with my body and regain confidence in myself. And the results are there! I have always had a complex about my thighs, but I really see a difference. I am more relaxed, my legs are more toned and I feel good in my body. It's a real virtuous circle!

#seo: dry brushing

3. The wellness ritual I no longer give up: dry brushing

I've always had this feeling of heavy legs (thanks to water retention!), and if there is one ritual that has had an effect on the tone of my skin, it's dry brushing! In all honesty, it's not a habit I have every morning, before I get in the shower. But when I'm feeling sluggish, I don't escape: I grab my Body Drying Brush I grab my Oh My Cream Skincare Dry Body Brush and let's go for a few minutes of self-massage to stimulate the circulation. Besides doing me the world of good, this is the ritual that really makes a difference on my body. 

#seo : Pilates class

4. My sports revelation: Pilates in 20 minutes

My post-delivery revelation after the arrival of my second? A real lack of dynamism, and a constant fatigue. I had suppressed physical activity for lack of time, whereas doing a little sport would certainly have given me the energy I needed. But finding two free hours in my already busy week seemed complicated, especially to do violence to myself when I dream of having an hour to myself.



So I have incorporated a short sports ritual at the end of my day: video Pilates classes. A gentle practice that I find motivating and that makes me feel good. Twice a week, I unroll my yoga mat (in the middle of the living room!), put on my leggings and I'm off for 15-20 minutes of Youtube video, in front of the videos of @melissawoodhealth, @juliepujolsand Pamela Reif or even the ELLE

5. On the feeding side: MG Pep's rebalancing 

To get back into good eating habits, I turned to MG Pep's. This method of food rebalancing consists of learning to combine the right foods for better digestion and a visibly slimmer figure. Accompanied by an expert in the field (Sophie Boudrant Richter whom I can't thank enough!), I managed to reconcile the strict rules of the program with my tastes, work constraints and my outings, while eating to my heart's content, without any frustration! The result? Although the method may seem a bit radical at first, it has allowed me to get back into good eating habits (goodbye junk food!) to regain a lot of energy and feel in shape. And as a bonus, I managed to lose the last few pounds I wanted to lose during my pregnancy.

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