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Convinced that basic daily gestures could change your skin, we created Oh My Cream Skincare four years ago. Since then, we wanted to explore new worlds, including the body, by creating a line of simple, clean and effective basics, essential to your daily life.

The selection

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Oh My Cream Skincare

Gel Lavant

18 €
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Oh My Cream Skincare

Gommage Nourrissant

8 €
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Oh My Cream Skincare

Shampoing Doux

10 €

Oh My Cream Skincare

Après Shampoing Hydratant

9 €
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Oh My Cream Skincare

Lait Hydratant

28 €
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Oh My Cream Skincare

Déodorant Crème

8 €
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Oh My Cream Skincare

Pâte Dentifrice

5 €
Simple, clean and effective

Because we too have experienced it: nothing is more complicated when you are looking for a clean alternative to your favourite skincare product than not to make sacrifices on efficiency, simplicity and above all, the pleasure of using the same product every day. But because we believe that you should never have to choose between all these parameters (but also that clean should be the standard in beauty from now on), here are our 7 new products! Discover our 7 products, from the formulation to the bottle, designed to to make your routine even cleaner and more expert... without changing your habits. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this range as much as Flore, Sophie, Léa, Delphine and of course Juliette had fun imagining it :)

To the shower! 

The Shower Gel 

I am a fan of its oil-in-gel texture which turns into a super smooth foam. It's almost like a shower oil! And its natural fragrance is addictive: the unisex bergamot adds that perfect tangy twist.Marion

The Nourishing Scrub

Finally a natural scrub made of sugar grains that don't melt too quickly! It is very nourishing, spreads and massages perfectly and when you get out of the shower, it leaves your skin satiny and really nourished. and leaves the skin satiny and really nourished. An excellent 2-in-1 with a fresh eucalyptus scent!" Chloé

Gentle Shampoo & Moisturizing Conditioner

"After testing many shampoos for my fine, wavy hair, I think I have finally found the right one. First of all, rest assured.- •e- •s, it foams ! This was my first criterion to ensure that my hair routine did not turn into an ordeal. It is very gentle and does not irritate my fragile scalp It is very gentle and does not irritate my fragile scalp: with it, intoxicating perfume no longer rhymes with itching! My hair has regained softness, volume and lightness, and with the Conditioner, in just 2 minutes, my lengths are nourished without being weighed down. The result? Silky hair and happy curls!"Clara

And once you step out... 

The Moisturizing Milk

"I tend not to like moisturisers that act as a fragrance so this one is perfect because its coconut and oat scent is very subtle.. But most of all, I'm a fan of its fluid texture I can get dressed straight away without sticking! Linda

The Cream Deodorant

"I've always found it difficult to find a natural deodorant that doesn't leave white marks, that I can use immediately after shaving without burning myself and... that works! Not only is this one ultra-practical and high-tolerancebut it also doesn't have that overpowering scent that can sometimes be overpowering. Pauline

The Toothpaste

I was already visually attracted by this metal tube and its old-fashioned name. As a fan of classic, very minty toothpastes, I was pleasantly surprised by its freshness and foam. It's a good transition to clean toothpaste! You get the fresh feeling without the sweetness of a classic toothpaste." Cécile

Want to test everything? Find our travel size body products in our little kit right here! Or a little more reading? Chloé has tested our new body range for you. See you in her bathroom here

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