Tata Harper launches a serum that brings "glow"

Addicted to the Resurfacing Mask? Then the Resurfacing Serum from the organic brand made in Vermont might just make you want to try it! Designed for the skin of 30-somethings - and even 20-somethings - this mask takes up the promise of the cult mask, by fighting dullness. Gone are the signs of fatigue: Fruit acids, BHA, Tomato extracts and ultra-powerful antioxidants, among others, transform the most marked skin, and even prevent premature aging linked to pollution! A real healthy glow cocktail that Tata Harper told us about a few weeks ago...

"Glowy skin, hydration, nourishment, softening… and just making the skin really “cloudless”!”

"The other product we are releasing this year is the Resurfacing SerumThe other product we are releasing this year is the Resurfacing Serum, which is a continuation of one of our bestsellers - the Resurfacing Mask. It's the first product we're making for younger skin. It's true that our other products are targeted more at mature skin looking for highly anti-aging care. But this serum has been designed even for them. It's a glow serum , which makes you look good, and not only thanks to fruit acids and enzymes, but also thanks to a light-producing ingredient that we found in Israel: Tomato Carotenoids... When you look at it under a UV lamp, it's a bright green liquid, which we add to the serum and it brightens up your skin, it's pretty amazing.

Fleur: We have a great demand at Oh My Cream from younger people who would like to use Tata Harper products.

Tata: Yes, this would indeed be the "first serum": the Rejuvenating Serum would be too stimulating for them, too anti-aging or anti-wrinkle which is not necessarily necessary; the Resurfacing Serum is an option to keep the skin healthy - focusing on vitamins and antioxidants, glow effect, hydration, softness so that the skin is "cloudless".

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