My moisturizing routine

My skin right now:
It's uncomfortable, tight after cleansing and makeup doesn't hold up very well. It can also show small flakes and lack of radiance. On the eye contour or forehead, fine lines on the surface start to appear. In short, the skin needs a large glass of water to regain its plumpness and comfort.

Your complete routine


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To get started:


In the morning, start by cleansing your skin with the Cleansing Foam Oh My Cream Skincare, a creamy foam that leaves the skin fresh, soft and soothed.

Then, we apply the Eye Contour Balm Oh My Cream Skincare, an ultra-comforting cream to intensely moisturize the delicate eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles. 

We continue our routine with the moisturizing serum Cloud Jelly Herbivore, a gel-textured serum that plumps and soothes and leaves the skin soft and supple. 

We finish with the Universal Cream Oh My Cream Skincare, a creamy emulsion to nourish and protect while bringing comfort and softness to the skin. 

To boost skin radiance, add a few drops of Glow Drops Dr. Barbara Sturm directly to Universal Cream. A true radiance concentrate, Glow Drops can also be applied as a finishing touch or mixed with foundation.

At night:

In the evening, we opt for a double cleansing with theCleansing Oil Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Oil, a fluid oil that dissolves face and eye makeup, pollution and excess sebum, before cleansing the skin with the Cleansing FoamOh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Foam. 

Then, we protect our eye contour with the Eye Contour Balm Oh My Cream Skincare.

Then apply the moisturizing serum Cloud Jelly Herbivorebefore massaging a few drops of theBioregenerate Wild Rose Oil Pai Skincarea care oil with regenerating powers that corrects irregularities in the complexion, while helping to heal.

1 to 2 times a week:

You can opt once or twice a week for a deeper cleaning with a gentle exfoliation with the Exfoliating Powder Oh My Cream Skincare. This "perfect complexion" powder leaves the skin smooth and even, boosts the complexion's radiance, and prevents imperfections, for a supple and velvety skin.

To intensely nourish, apply the Moisturising Mask Moisturising Mask Susanne Kaufmann' s Moisturizing Mask provides long-lasting nourishment and forms a real shield against dehydration for supple, plump skin and a fresh, radiant complexion. Even the driest skin can use it as a night cream for intensely nourished skin.

To go further :

To go further and increase the effects of the products tenfold, you can also use the food supplement and beauty tool duo:

  • L'Essentiel Peau Combeau : a universal, effective food supplement to reveal the natural beauty of every skin. 
  • Magic Mushroom Rose Quartz Sentara: two rose quartz stones with rounded edges to massage the eye area and the entire face, and to restore smooth features and a fresh complexion. 

"Like a big glass of water for the skin! I'm a fan of its creamy texture that soothes and leaves my skin soft and comfortable."

- Marion

about the Hydrating Serum

Do you still have questions about a product, or would you like to take your beauty routine a step further? Our experts are here to help, by e-mail at You can also visit our boutique to benefit from the expert advice of our beauty coaches. 

Lack of radiance & Uniformity of the complexion: the routine for a luminous skin

- Radiance is like the Holy Grail we're all looking for, with an even complexion and healthy, luminous skin at the top of our beauty fixture list. But sometimes small pigmentation spotsor a dull, blotchy complexion. How do you get a radiant complexion ? This guide will give you all the beauty tips you need for beautiful, glowing, well-moisturized skin.


How to recognize a dull skin, lacking radiance? 

It can be recognized by its lack of uniformity: the complexion appears dull, blurred, almost a little gray. Sometimes, darker, more pigmented spots appear on areas of the face. 

As soon as we are exposed to the sun, under the effects of UV rays, these spots can darken and are even more numerous. The skin gives the impression of having lost its radiance and we dream of gaining in uniformity and transparency...


What causes dullness

- It is possible that the skin's makeup removal and cleansing routine is not adapted. A quick wipe with makeup remover or micellar water does not perfectly eliminate all the small impurities. Thus "polluted", the skin does not breathe well and can in the long run become clogged and let imperfections appear.

- A lack of exfoliation can also be the cause. Exfoliating your skin allows you to get a new skin, to chase away the greyness by eliminating all the dead cells. 

- The final factor may be the appearance of brown spots that give the complexion that uneven look. When everything is going well, melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin, the skin pigment) work in a moderate way to release this parasol molecule only when our skin needs reinforced protection. However, these cells are very sensitive and quickly get carried away. At the slightest change (hormonal variations, post-healing, too much exposure to the sun), it is anarchy and they work too hard: spots appear in these areas of overzealousness.

Bring back brightness: how to avoid a dull complexion?

Cleanse thoroughly to remove all dirt

      The double cleansing is ideal for all skin types and is particularly recommended for boosting radiance: it is the most effective and gentle cleansing method. As a bonus, it is also a great ally against skin aging. Indeed, a well-cleansed skin will be better oxygenated and will benefit from its care routine. By meticulously cleansing your face every night, you can prepare your skin for specific treatments. This is the most important step in any skin care routine! 

First step, I start with an oil or a make-up remover balm This first product will emulsify all the fatty substances present on the skin's surface, such as sebum, pollution and makeup (including waterproof mascara!). It is therefore the most delicate way to eliminate the impurities accumulated during the day without irritating the skin. Thus, little by little, it allows to find a clear skin, to tighten the pores and to decrease the problems of skin. Moreover, the oily texture will also start to moisturize the skin and bring comfort. A good point if you have dry skin. But rest assured, the use of a make-up remover oil also allows to regulate gently the combination skin by delicately eliminating shine.

In the second step, to refine the result and clean deeply, we follow the oil or balm with a milk or a soft cleansing gel. Moisturizing and comfortable, milks cleanse perfectly without aggressing skin prone to tightness, while soap-free gels will bring a feeling of purity to skin in search of freshness. The trick? Cleanse the skin with a formula that contains enzymes or fruit acids to lightly exfoliate and obtain an immediate result on the radiance of the complexion


Exfoliate your way to brightness 

ExfoliationExfoliation is the "beautiful skin" gesture par excellence (provided that it is gentle and does not cause irritation)! By eliminating excess dead cells, facial exfoliation optimizes the penetration of active ingredients, allowing the skin to become smoother and more radiant, while fighting against small imperfections (spots, pimples, dilated pores). It is also a great step for anti-wrinkle prevention: by promoting cell regeneration, exfoliation preserves the elasticity and firmness of tissues.


Vegetable oils to bring radiance to the complexion

Finally, we finish our routine by protecting our skin with a care oil adapted to the needs of skin lacking radiance. L'care oilas a serum or on its own, will help maintain the right level of hydration in normal skin, while regulating it if it is shiny. Rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients, it is the gesture that brings comfort and fights against dehydration by smoothing small wrinkles. As a bonus, it is also the one that provides the skin with the fat it needs to stop producing excess sebum. And then, it is it which leaves a pretty veil " glowy "on the skin! 


Our advice to make dullness a think of the past 

To maximize results, I add a few well-chosen specific gestures to my routine. Vitamin treatment, radiance mask, facial moisturizer, sun protection... I choose from among these adapted and targeted treatments to offer myself the most complete routine for a perfect, radiant complexion.


DOs for a radiant complexion

- Rely on sun protection on a daily basis to prevent brown spots but also to prevent existing ones from darkening.

- Resume a an anti-spot routine Every fall is the right time to calm the melanocyte and get it back on track.

- Focus on regularity and duration: stains are a complicated problem to solve and it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks of consecutive treatments to see results.


The DON'Ts against dullness

- Apply powerful exfoliating products based on retinol or glycolic acid in the morning. To avoid any risk of photosensitization, we prefer to use them in the evening.

- Forget about self-tanner which, contrary to popular belief, brings out the spots...

- Putting on perfume before an exposure. I don't forget that melanocytes are the most fragile cells and that certain substances do not mix well with the sun.

- Thinking that a pigment stain can disappear completely. If it is very recent, it is possible. But, in most cases, an adapted cosmetic routine can lighten it but not remove it completely. 


Do you have a question about the right body routine? Write to us at, our beauty coaches will be delighted to help. You can also book an appointment via this link link for an online consultation to speak directly with one of our experts and carry out a skin diagnosis.

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