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For a slimmer figure: the anti-heavy legs routine to adopt

Feelings of heavy, swollen legs, tingling and shoe marks on the feet... So many little inconveniences as soon as summer and its summer temperatures arrive. So, to get back into shape, discover the routine you need to adopt.

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How to recognize heavy legs?

As soon as the thermostat goes into overdrive above 25°C, blood circulation becomes complicated and the notorious heavy legs and their unpleasant sensation return. Swelling, pins and needles, traces of our shoes on our feet... these are the most common signs of poor circulation.

Other signs of heavy legs include :

  • Tingling in the legs

  • Frequent cramps

  • Itching

  • Numbness accompanied by the need to stretch legs or move around

  • Swelling of feet, ankles and calves.

  • The appearance of small dilated blood vessels beneath the skin's surface

What causes heavy legs? 

Heavy legs are mainly due to poor blood circulation in the legs. The blood doesn't flow properly up to the heart, stagnating in the leg veins, giving the sensation of heavy legs. Blood circulation in the legs is enhanced by walking, as the vessels on the underside of the foot are compressed, propelling blood upwards. This process is then relayed by the calf muscles, which contract, allowing the blood to continue its ascent towards the heart. However, all these efforts are useless when the valves blocking the return flow of blood allow the blood to flow back down under the effect of gravity. Blood will then stagnate in the legs, causing the sensation of heavy legs.

Heavy legs: the right routine to adopt

The really effective solution: We want... pretty legs Atelier Nubio

Like a true elixir against the sensation of heavy legs, these organic dietary supplements act on blood circulation to restore light, toned legs. Extracts of red vine to improve blood circulation and oxygenation, horse chestnut for good venous circulation and witch hazel to protect the veins... No doubt about it, with this cocktail of powerful plants, you're sure to have... pretty legs! We want... beautiful legs Atelier Nubio will be your legs' ally this summer, putting an end to feelings of heaviness and swelling.

The ritual to add to your morning routine: dry brushing

The beauty ritual par excellence for skin care, dry brushing dry brushing is the ritual whose benefits we never cease to praise. including giving your body a real boost in the morning or detoxifying in the evening. A few minutes a day of dry brushing with the Dry Body Brush Oh My Cream Skincare are enough to reduce the sensation of heavy legs and eliminate dead skin cells.

And as for a "lymphatic drainage"the use of a dry brush stimulates your lymphatic system, helping to eliminate toxins and improve the immune system. As an added bonus, dry brushing helps firm skin tissue and prevent stretch marks and cellulite.

How to get started: Start with light, dynamic upward rubbing of the feet, then work your way up the legs to the top of the thighs. Continue on the arms, stomach, back and buttocks, always from the extremities towards the heart. And when you're done, all you have to do is jump into the shower!

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The evening draining ritual

With detoxifying birch leaf extracts and ginger to promote microcirculation and accelerate metabolism, Ginger Body Oil detoxifies. Ginger Body Oil Huile Corps Détoxifiante Susanne Kaufmann is the ideal body oil for an anti-heavy legs routine. Rich in plant oils, it intensely nourishes and stimulates blood circulation, while firming and boosting toxin elimination. And to multiply its effects, opt for a complete ritual with a small accessory with draining and detoxifying benefits: the Gua Sha Corps Oh My Cream Skincare.

Our tip for an effective evening routine: place your Gua Sha Corps in a cool place to optimize the toning properties of the massage before using it with Susanne Kaufmann Ginger Body Oil. After applying the oil, perform scraping and smoothing movements, starting with the calves and working your way up to the heart.

The right reflexes to complete your heavy legs routine

And for an even more effective anti-heavy-leg routine, we've put our faith in these daily tips for lighter legs and improved circulation:

  • Get moving: As we've already told you, it's walking that promotes blood circulation in the legs. So to avoid those heavy legs, we advise you to walk regularly, for at least 20 minutes a day.

  • Elevate your legs: when you're sitting on the sofa or going to bed, remember to elevate your feet with cushions, or raise your legs in the air or against a wall for a few moments to ease circulation. You can also pedal with your legs in the air to relieve heavy , aching legs .

  • Boost circulation with a cool down: Our tip for toning and boosting circulation? Finish your shower by running cold water up and down your legs. It may seem difficult, but the feeling of lightness you get from this short ritual will soon make you forget the cold.

  • And, of course, staying hydrated helps circulation...

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