Tata Harper launches a clarifying cleanser dedicated to imperfections!

" It is the first cleanser formulated to treat imperfections, especially adults' ones"

"We have a very strong philosophy around cleansing. I think cleansing your skin is an important part of skin health. We didn't have a foaming cleanser in our line. This is the first foaming cleanser we've formulated for people who like the feeling of "clear skin", that is, who like to feel that their skin is very clean but not tight. It's part of our Tata Harper Clarifying Range, which is designed for blemished skin, a category we're moving towards with a different approach than what's already been done today.

Today, the trend was more towards drying products, with alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, acetone (found in nail polish removers)... And while this is great for sebum reduction - which is important for acne elimination because sebum is the food of the p-acne bacteria. While sebum reduction is important, you also need to soothe the skin.

Acne in adults is underestimated today: acne is no longer just a teenage problem. You know if you are 15/18 years old, it can happen that you have dry skin and it is not serious, but when you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, it does not work.

I see a lot of women who are in this vicious cycle, between needing to dry out the skin but also using anti-aging products. So it's really a line formulated for adult acne: yes, we need better quality sebum reducers than the ones that contain alcohol, acetone and benzoyl peroxide; butwe also focus on the consequences of acne: a lot of redness, irritation, inflammation - we moisturize the skin and give it a lot of vitamins and minerals so it becomes healthy.

This line is actually the one with the most active ingredients, because we address so many different concerns: antibacterial, sebum reducer, the soothing and nourishing aspect, the comfort of the skin that we treat with a berry that comes from Tasmania that makes this care calm in 5 minutes. So it's a different approach and one that is needed: we need solutions for people who are no longer teenagers."

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