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Plump skin without wrinkles: the 6 products that make a difference

Youthful mission at 360°degrees in this beauty file where we shed light on the loss of firmness and theanti-wrinkle in general... Discover the 6 most recommended products online and in our stores to act on these two beauty issues!

#seo: plumping cream

What causes loss of firmness?

To understand sagging skin, let's zoom in on the dermis: located just below the epidermis (the surface layer of our skin), the dermis houses the famous collagen and elastin fibers. These fibers provide support to the skin, acting a bit like armatures. The problem is that as the skin ages, their production decreases and the fibers become less resistant... This leads to a sagging of the skin: the oval of the face appears less clear and the skin less dense.

What causes wrinkles?

To understand how to avoid wrinklesIt's important to know how wrinkles form, so that you can take the best possible action. Wrinkles are also the result of fiber loss, because here again, everything happens in the dermis: they are in fact deep breaks located in this famous tissue, just below the epidermis. And as the skin produces fewer fibers over time, wrinkles become more pronounced, accentuated by our facial expressions and our lifestyle (stress, fatigue, pollution...). So you see: when we treat firmness, we also treat our wrinkles, and vice-versa!

The best firmness-boosting products to combat sagging

The best way to give your skin a lift? Include one or more anti-aging depending on the area concerned! Some will be concerned about their eyes (sagging can cause small bags under the eyes, for example), while others will prefer to focus on the face contour as a whole.

#seo: anti-aging eye contour

The innovative eye contour cream for lifted eyes

Obsessed with the eye contour area? Visit Edelweiss Eye Cream Soothing Anti-Aging Eye Contour Odacité is formulated with an exclusive complex with dual soothing and anti-aging action. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, lifts the eye contour area, soothes the skin and protects it from external aggressors. What's more, its pea peptide stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, for smoother skin and a firmer eye contour.

The tightening serum

For an instant tightening effect, the 62 (yes, you read that right!) natural, super-concentrated active ingredients in the Boosted Contouring Serum Lift & Firming Tata Harper' s Boosted Contouring Serum have won over many: acting deep within the skin, this serum boosts collagen production, repairs damage caused by external aggression and firms to redefine contours. A must-have for toning the skin and restoring firmness to the cheeks and chin.

The cream to fight cutaneous ageing

Filling in wrinkles for a smoothing effect is already very good. Stimulating cell renewal and boosting collagen and elastin production to reduce visible expression lines (such as frown lines) and prevent the appearance of new ones is even better! La Renaissance 360 Anti-Aging Day Cream Oskia helps mature skin regain firmness by redefining the oval of the face and smoothing wrinkles, thanks to its lupin seed extracts. Its Nanobright complex, combined with watercress extracts, reduces pigmentation spots and repairs the skin from any UV-induced damage. Finally, encapsulated multivitamins slow down the ageing process, improving skin function and resistance to external aggressors. Skin is plumped up, features redefined and complexion brightened.

#seo: the rich cream

The cult anti-aging cream

Featuring the patented TFC8® Complex, The Rich Cream Augustinus Bader is the iconic anti-aging cream with an ultra-nourishing texture for plumped, strengthened and radiant skin. Clinically proven effective, it helps stimulate the skin's natural regeneration process, acting on all manifestations of cutaneous aging. As a result, skin regains suppleness and comfort, and is nourished, moisturized, protected against damage and radiant.

The cream to combat wrinkles around the eyes

Start your routine with Feather Canyon Eye Contour Cream Pai Skincarean eye contour care product (which can also be applied around the lips), to reduce the signs of aging, revitalize and smooth these two areas prone to premature aging because they are so fragile. Its argan oil fights the signs of aging, echium extract reduces inflammation and rosehip diminishes signs of fatigue. Apricot kernel, thistle and shea butter oils restore comfort and moisture to the eye contour area.

Night cream to combat wrinkles and fine lines

Combining the power of clinical active ingredients such as vitamin C, with botanical active ingredients such as ashwagandha, the Night Cream Odacité helps reveal a more even complexion, brighter skin, while plumping and preventing skin aging. A real treat for the skin, with its 

with its melting, petal-pink texture and natural sweet orange fragrance.


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