Oh My Cream Skincare sun protection has arrived!

The best compromise between safety, efficiency and eco-responsibility, our 3 new face and body sunscreens promise to protect you all summer long, with ease.

1, 2, 3... sun protection! 
SPF50+ Face Sun Cream

Adapted to the most reactive skin and to the most intense rays, our sun face cream is water resistant and in addition to protecting you from the sun, moisturizes and repairs your skin! With no greasy or white finishYou can even swap it for your day cream this summer.

Sun Care Body Cream SPF50+ 

You won't forget to apply it thanks to its creamy texture and sweet vanilla scent... Water resistant and also guaranteed without white marksIt contains repairing centella asiatica extracts and hyaluronic acid to moisturize overheated skin.

Sun Body Oil SPF50

A dry sun oil high protection and clean (and smells like the beach), we were dreaming of it! Needless to say, it is also water resistant and does not stick, sublimating the skin since it leaves a nice satin veil.

Our chemical filters are transparent, so is our speech.   

You've always heard that mineral sunscreen is the best option for the environment. But let's be honest: finding a sunscreen with a high mineral filter that's completely fluid and doesn't leave any white streaks is a bit complicated... So are we doomed to make this compromise on sensoriality in order not to give in to guilt? Not necessarily. Because in reality, no sunscreen is perfect. For example, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, although less controversial than some chemical filters, still have an impact on the fauna and flora of our oceans, as scientifically proven. They can also be (in case some brands are not careful about the famous nanoparticles), harmful to our own endocrine system. Yes, it's quite depressing... But of course, the mineral sunscreens you'll find on our shelves are selected (also) for their absence of nanoparticles :).

The solution? Live with our sunburns. Just kidding :). The best solution for now is to juggle between the filters available on the market and adapt them to our skin and our behavior in the sun. Your skin is very sensitive, does not tolerate anything? Mineral filters are still a good option. Your skin is a bit nicer? Chemical filters are a good option. But be careful, not all chemical filters are the same.... So yes, it may sound a little crazy. So after months and months of discussions with our lab, we have selected the 5 cleanest chemical filters on the market that is, the least harmful to the environment and the healthiest for you. Another important point: the chemical filters allow to reach a very high protection (SPF50+), which was for us, mandatory to protect also the most sensitive skins. And finally, they offer a transparent finish. In short, efficiency and sensoriality !

For those who are curious, here are the 5 filters we selected: 

  • diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate
  • bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine
  • ethylhexyl salicylate
  • butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane
  • diethylhexyl butamido triazone

* And here are those we have "blacklisted" (because of a suspicion of action on the endocrine system) (because of a suspicion of action on the endocrine system too strong): homosalate and benzophenone.

The first three on the list are our "good students". The last two are a little less so (because they have the disadvantage of being sometimes allergenic and photodegradable). Why did we choose them? Because they they allow your future sunscreen to become no less than SPF50 and that, to formulate a good SPF, it is very often necessary to associate several solar filters, with different dosages (which makes the good recipe even more complicated to find...) Here you are, you now know everything :).

What about our packs? We have sourced the most eco-designed packs possible. Our tubes and bottle are recyclable (except for the caps, which we invite you to throw in the green garbage can). Our cardboard boxes have no spacers or instructions and are 100% recyclable.

Pssstt! Right now, you can enjoy our SPF50+ Face Sunscreen along with our Oh My Cream face & body essentials thanks to our adorable limited edition collaboration with Parisian label Sœur right here!

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