The hydrating serum that Fanny can’t live without

“Since I was tiny I have had very dry skin and have recently been looking for a product that would calm and comfort my skin and restore moisture levels.”

"I have a skin that can't stand anything since I was a child... So, the feeling of discomfort and non-stop tightness, summer and winter, I know! I had never used a serum until then, simply because I was rushing to use rich creams and oils... I thought I was nourishing my skin, but I didn't understand that it was thirsty and needed water! So I integrated the "serum" phase into my routine, which comes right after my double-cleansing step. The condition? That it is without perfume, nor essential oils because my sensitive skin does not tolerate either of them.

I've become a total fan of our new Moisturizing Serum Oh My Cream Skincare: it has such a nice, milky, smooth texture... it melts on the skin right away! This one has hyaluronic acid, pro-vitamin B5 and aloe vera to moisturize, plump and soothe. I now use it every day, morning and night."

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