Oh My Cream Skincare

Oh My Cream Skincare

Oh My Cream Skincare

Oh My Cream Skincare

Une routine de soin essentielle, simple et pourtant capable de changer la peau.
Parce que nous sommes convaincues que les gestes du quotidien peuvent changer la peau, nous avons créé Oh My Cream Skincare, une gamme de basiques experts, véritable méthode pour une peau belle et saine. Offrez à votre peau tout ce dont elle a besoin chaque jour pour rayonner, grâce à nos soins cleans et simples à utiliser ! Et en plus, nous sommes fabriqués en France. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its expert essentials
  • Its clean and effective formulas
  • Made in France
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Powder foundation

La Poudre Minérale SPF20 Oh My Cream Skincare camoufle sans dessécher et unifie sans marquer les traits, pour un teint naturel en quelques coups de pinceaux !

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Oh My Cream Skincare: a range of essential skincare products

For years, we've been listening to our customers' needs, gathering their confidences, examining their skins... Only to discover that the simplest steps are often the most fundamental. Our philosophy is based on 3 essential gesturesthese basic, everyday gestures that can change your skin. We then set ourselves the challenge of making this 3-step routine for radiant, healthy skin accessible to everyone. This is how the Oh My Cream Skincare range was born, the essential skincare routine that's simple yet capable of changing your skin. As you may have guessed, this expert skincare range focuses on 3 essential gestures and introduces you to these basic, daily and indispensable steps, by imagining skincare products with clean, effective and sensorial formulas. From Double Cleansingthrough to the Universal Cream and the Moisturizing Serumbut also the Body Range and the Make-Up clean, discover Oh My Cream Skincare that will change your skin

Where are Oh My Cream Skincare cosmetics made?

Our Oh My Cream Skincare products are made in France and all feature a formulation that combines the best of nature and the best of science. Because by dint of deciphering INCI lists, we've learned to handpick ingredients to select the best of nature and the best of science. And because we're committed to providing skin with just what it needs, without superfluous ingredients, for optimal tolerance, our formulas are simple and healthy. In fact, we believe in transparency and skin-friendly compositions, and we're convinced that a skincare product that gives pride of place to quality active ingredients is far more effective. To respect all skin types, our formulas are free from: Mineral oils, Sodium laureth sulfate, GMOs, Artificial colorants, Synthetic fragrances, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, MIT, CMIT...

Oh my Cream Skincare clean make-up

It's with this same philosophy in mind - that basic, everyday gestures are the key to beautiful skin - that we've imagined our clean make-up range. This range is the exact extension of our skin and body care products: clean formulas with active skincare ingredients, pleasant textures for simple, intuitive daily use, all for ultra-natural results that last all day long. From Foundation second-skin, non-comedogenic foundation to even out skin tone and restore radiance in a single gesture, through to the Mineral Powder SPF20the best-selling powder foundation, or the Mascara with 100% mineral pigments and a unique brush that works lashes one by one, and the Tinted Lip Balm to subtly color and intensely moisturize... Discover our essentials for a flawless complexion with Oh My Cream Skincare make-up clean.

Oh My Cream Skincare for men

We can all say we've had the experience of an exchange with a friend, companion, father, brother, etc. who was lost when we asked them how they looked after their skin. And who hasn't caught their partner stealing their beauty products? Thanks to numerous exchanges with our customers and their loved ones, we've come to realize that men often don't know where to start, and often act in reaction rather than prevention. And it's easy to forget that men's skin is not the same as women's. Men's skin is thicker, more elastic and more elastic. Men's skin is thicker, pores are more dilated, sebum production is higher and consequently the skin is oilier, shinier and often prone to impurities, and more sensitive and reactive to regular shaving. Finally, while the signs of aging appear later in men, they progress all the more rapidly when they become visible. It's these specific features that have helped us to formulate this new range in 3 simple, effective products, easy to adopt for a single routine that does it all, suitable for men (but not only!). Discover our men's skincare range