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Discover Ruhi, natural glow revelator

A soft and satiny skin, reduced stretch marks and a firmness grain... Discover the benefits of dry brushing with Ruhi brushes, handcrafted in Germany and made of 100% natural materials.

Ruhi, when spirituality meets well-being

A big fan of cosmetics for many years, it was during her pregnancy that Britta Hekmat discovered the benefits of holistic beauty, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Dry brushing, cupping or facial modeling, she gradually integrates these new rituals into her routine, and discovers a passion for these treatments with a real impact on her stress and energy. In 2019, she creates Ruhi ("soul and spirituality" in Persian), her own brand of beauty tools to combine well-being, beauty and spirituality.

"With Ruhi, I wanted to transform every woman's (and man's!) routine into a more aspirational and spiritual moment to reveal their natural "glow"." Britta Heckmat.

A thousand-year-old ritual of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, dry brushing is much more than a technique for taking care of your body. It is a ritual that creates a true harmony between body and mind. A few minutes a day of dry brushing allow toimprove blood and lymphatic circulation for a sensation of lighter legs, to firm up the tissues, to gently exfoliate dead cells, to boost cell renewal and to attenuate the stretch marks.


It is also ideal during infectious peaks, to avoid colds and other seasonal ailments, because dry brushing strengthens the immune system.

Incorporating dry brushing into your beauty routine is a great way to boost to boost the effectiveness of body care products. Just before showering, starting with the legs and moving up to the stomach, lower back and arms, make upward movements, always towards the heart.


Ruhi brushes

The Ionic Dry Brush Body Brush Ruhi An oval brush made of ultra-fine natural and copper bristles charged with ions to drive out free radicals, responsible for skin aging, and energize!

Why we love it? Ideal for a dry brushing that sends good vibes!

The Soft Dry Brush Sensitive Skin Ruhi A minimalist and ultra-soft round brush, ideal for dry brushing of the most sensitive skins or for fragile areas (neckline, stomach, inner arms...)

Why we love it? It's the perfect brush for the most ticklish when dry brushing the stomach.


The Dry Brush Classic Body Brush Ruhi A minimalist round brush made of boar bristles, ideal for daily dry brushing of the body, for all skin types.

Why do we love it? We love its bristles, neither too fine nor too thick, ideal to start dry brushing!


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