How to use the Olio E Osso balms like a pro?

On the borderline between makeup and skincare thanks to their nourishing properties, Olio E Osso's balms are sure to make you fall in love! Adorn your cheeks with a hue as fresh as morning dew or enhance your lips' colour with a gourmet raspberry... How to use them? Follow the guide! And for this tutorial, Jessica, our Director of Purchasing & Operations, tells you everything.


Jessica's makeup in 5 steps

N.1 Clear, a nourishing & transparent balm 

First use this transparent balm which is perfect for hydrating your lips and taming your eyebrows!

N.6. Bronze, the bronzer 

This is a bronzer that you can use on your cheeks but also on your lips. It’s even more beautiful when you add a blush on top! 

N.3 Crimson, the raspberry balm 

I use this one on my lips to colour them raspberry pink but you can also use it on your cheeks. 

N.2 French Melon & N.10 Tea Rose, coral and dusky pink 

Mix this perfect coral to the tea rose shade directly on your cheekbones for a really healthy look. 

N.11 Fête, the universal highlighter

Apply it just below your eyebrows and on the temples to catch the light. 

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Jessica's selection


Olio e Osso

Baume Nourrissant N°1 Clear

28 € 1 colour

Olio e Osso

Baume Bronzant N°6 Bronze

20 € 1 colour
#sku-857327007027 #seo: baume en stick olio e osso

Olio e Osso

Baume Blush en Stick

20 € 10 colours

Olio e Osso

Baume Enlumineur N°11 Fête

28 € 1 colour

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