Oh My Cream Skincare x Soeur Summer Kit

This season Oh My Cream is partnering with Parisian label Sœur to create the perfect Summer Kit! A kit that brings together all the clean beauty essentials Oh My Cream Skincare in a travel size, as well as our new full-size SPF50+ sun cream for the face! 

The Summer Kit is out of stock on our site!


Juliette, Founder of Oh My Cream: Sœur is a brand I discovered via the girls on my team... who all dress in your clothes! I love the materials, the prints, the colors, which are at the same time very authentic, which give a lot of allure, and which are at the same time intuitive, easy to wear and timeless. It's a brand that both my mom and I like! 

Angelique, Co-Founder of Sœur : This is what we notice every day in the office as well. We are surrounded by all ages and we wear all of Sœur, of course! That's also how we got to know Oh My Cream!

"We indeed share common values, which are undoubtedly the requirement, the know-how, the quality, the authenticity, the naturalness."

Juliette: The novelty of this summer kit is that it is 100% Oh My Cream Skincare. It includes our latest baby, the Sun Cream SPF50 that you'll have to take to the beach this summer, all the face products you know, and also our latest body range with everything you need to go on vacation: from shower gel to shampoo, moisturizing milk or toothpaste.

Angélique: This kit is very similar to our collections since we wanted to use one of our exclusive prints. The idea was that the colors were neutral enough to recall the Oh My Cream universe. And it looks like us too! We added a few small touches of bright colors, which we subtly put inside the kit. Finally, we used the same embroidery technique that we use on our clothes. 

Take your 100% Oh My Cream Skincare routine with you this summer! 

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