Cru, sans conservateurs ni sucres ajoutés, le miel de Manuka Activist est récolté en Nouvelle-Zélande à la main et en petite quantité, dans le plus grand respect des abeilles. Reconnu pour ses propriétés antibactériennes exceptionnelles (et son goût délicieux !), sa consommation au quotidien permet de booster l’immunité et le confort digestif, ainsi que de calmer les peaux déséquilibrées. Activist garantit un taux de MGO (methylglyoxal) élevé, afin de l’intensité des propriétés antibactériennes. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • The purity of manuka honey
  • Its exceptional antibacterial properties
  • Its ethical and local harvesting "
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The lovely story of Activist, the brand with Manuka honey

Activist was born between New Zealand and California. Gabrielle Mirkin and Luke Harwood are both passionate about the earth and what it produces. A big surfer on the wild coast, Luke discovered the role of bees in the ecosystem and was fascinated by this small insect whose activity is essential for the Earth. Gabrielle is an art director for fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar when her passion for alternative medicine catches up with her. She decided to leave New York to start the Activist adventure with her husband.

Activist Manuka Honey

Activist Manuka Honey is sourced from Aotearoa, New Zealand. From spring to summer, bees gather honey from the Manuka bushes. The honey is collected with respect by independent beekeepers. The founders want the honey to be produced in small quantities to preserve all its exceptional properties, nutritional value and plant enzymes. Activist Manuka Honey is MGO certified. Tested in New Zealand, this designation proves that the honey is authentic. The higher the MGO level, the greater the antibacterial properties of the honey. This is the point of differentiation from other types of honey!

The virtues and different uses of Activist manuka honey

Speaking of MGO, at Oh My Cream, we have chosen to offer four references ofActivist Manuka honey: 50+ MGO, 100+ MGO, 300 + MOG and 850+ MG. Thus each one can find the product which is appropriate to him! The manuka honey is thus famous for its very powerful antibacterial power. For Luke and Gabrielle: "It is a special gift from Mother Nature". It is true that this honey abounds in benefits for our health, our body and our spirit. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to reference this holistic brand at Oh My Cream. Manuka honey is a superfood, it works miracles both on the skin (fights blemishes, reduces scars and soothes irritations) and on the body (stimulates the immune system, soothes digestive disorders, mouth inflammations or small seasonal ailments)

Activist, a committed brand

Activist is a committed brand. The human being is at the heart of the company. Between the founders and the beekeepers or the members of the team, a relationship of trust has been established. Transparency, naturalness and authenticity are the key words of the brand. Concerning the environment, the container is made of recycled plastic without BPA and is manufactured in New Zealand. You can reuse the honeypot or recycle it to limit waste!