Institut Esthederm was founded in 1978 by biologist Jean-Noël Thorel, who decided to pioneer a line of sun care products, which allow you to take advantage of the sunshine without suffering any detrimental effects.

Indeed, sun is essential to life because of its heat, its light, and its ability to synthesize Vitamine D. As overprotecting the skin by applying maximum strength sunscreens hinders the skin's natural ability to adapt to the sun, Institut Esthederm sun care products work as an alternative to traditional sunscreens, and are specially designed to boost skin's natural defenses. They neutralize the sun's negative impact while protecting skin cells by teaching them to adapt to the sun by stimulating their natural self-defenses... that is to say tanning (as tanning is the skin's best natural protection) in the best way possible!
A few other collections of cutting-edge skincare products have also been developed: skin is re-educated, with improved capacities to protect itself, for a young and healthy skin in any environment.

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