Girl Smells
Girl Smells

Girl Smells

Un design girly et des parfums gourmands ou fruités : les déodorants Girl Smells vont très vite vous donner envie de passer aux produits d’hygiène clean ! Découvrez aussi leurs baumes à lèvres teintés pour hydrater et sublimer vos lèvres, qui trouveront forcément leur place dans votre trousse de toilettes ou votre sac à main.

Why we like it :

  • Clean formulations
  • Girly fragrances and design
  • Rechargeable
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Who is behind the brand Girl Smells?

This is the story of two passionate women, Ella and Claire, who, tired of having to be constantly suspicious of the composition of their hygiene products, set out to create their own brand. From the deep conviction that one can associate irreproachable compositions and efficiency, their very first products were born: natural deodorants. And in order not to destabilize those who are used to conventional deodorants, Ella and Claire haven't changed anything: liquid texture, refills... except for the formulation, which is 100% natural! 

Girl Smells deodorant : a clean composition

At Oh My Cream, we have chosen Girl Smells deodorants for their impeccable composition. The ingredients are mostly fromorganic farming and natural. Their liquid formula is made of coconut and sunflower oil: one is antibacterial, the other softens and moisturizes! Girl Smells deodorants contain no aluminum, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives or parabens. The icing on the cake? They are refillable! You can also find on our eshop the refill of our favorite product of the range, the Orange Geranium Deodorant with delicate floral and gourmand notes. 

Girl Smells Lip Balm

Girl Smells not only makeshygiene products but also a tinted lip balm!Organic Balm #11 Tinted Dark Red is an ultra-nourishing lip balm! Formulated with cocoa butter and beeswax, it intensely nourishes the most damaged lips. The presence of jojoba and avocado oils makes this balm a true 2-in-1 treatment. Apply it as often as you like on your lips for a pretty red mouth! 

Oh My Cream's commitments

At Oh My Cream, we have chosen to share our commitments with our customers so that every step we take is explained. Among these, we carefully decipher each list of ingredients. Indeed, we have established a list of ingredients that we use in our formulas and active ingredients that we have chosen to remove from our compositions! Thus, each brand referenced meets our charter of selection pointed as the pretty company Girl Smells!